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Emergency Alert Details

Use the documents below for guidance when accessing online tools and websites. As always, if you need further technical assistance, please call or email the helpdesk.



First and foremost, if you experience any issues accessing websites or being blocked, SHUTDOWN your device and restart it. This simple process eliminates most issues. This applies to both Chromebooks and Windows devices.


Repairing Devices While Students Are at Home

Device depots are up and running again with stricter safety guidelines to ensure the safety of parents and the depot staff. For more information about resolving device issues, see the document at

INTERNET Access Available. Click here for more information.

Google Hangouts Meet (Formerly known as Hangouts!)*

*Google Hangouts Meet will be used by 9th – 12th graders and their teachers only.

When downloading the app from the App Store, be sure to download the “Hangouts Meet by Google” app. The original Google Hangouts app will not work from within Google Classroom. It should look like this:

Google Hangouts Meet Icon

Recording a Video Using Google Hangouts Meet (Also known as Google Hangouts – Tip Sheet)

Recording a Video Using Google Hangouts Meet (Also known as Google Hangouts – You Tube Video)

Links to the answers to all your Google Hangouts Meet questions

Tip*** – When using Goolge Hangouts Meet, turn on captioning for easier understanding.


Logging in to ClassLink – access all other sites and web tools here. Also reset your school and email password here.

Using the ClassLink App

Google Classroom*

*Google Classroom will be used by all 3rd – 8th grade students and teachers for online delivery of courses.

Quick Guide to Google Classroom

Google Classroom Home Page

Screencastify Unlimited Free until April 30, 2020

Screencastify is allowing free use of their unlimited plan. Click the document below for more details.

Screnncastify Unlimited for Free until April 30, 2020

Zoom Communications Suite for Meetings, Chat, and More

Zoom has removed the 40 minute time limit for schools affected by the Coronavirus. The meeting limit on your free Basic account has temporarily been lifted.

Zoom Home Page


GoGuardian will be used as a filtering system for our 3rd – 8th grade students who are using Chromebooks from home. For more information about how to use GoGuardian, please use the links below. Simply sign in using your Google credentials.

GoGuardian Teacher Training Guide

Adding Students to Your Classroom in GoGuardian

Starting a GoGuardian Classroom Session

More Links to Managing Your Class in GoGuardian

More Links to Monitoring Classroom Sessions with GoGuardian

Content Keeper Mobile Agent (CKMobile)

Content Keeper is the filtering service that will be used to filter high school students (9th – 12th grades) using a school device from home. The mobile agent allows students to “tunnel” back to our school network in order to access resources that can only be accessed while on our local network. It also allows all staff to access local network drives while working from their school devices at home. Click the link below for guidance should you have any trouble accessing the internet or school resources while at home.

CK Mobile Help Documentation