How To Backup Your Files - Windows

Windows 7 start menu open, pointing at Computer

1.) Click 'Start'
2.) Click 'Computer'

Visit Z drive or school's software$

Your Z: drive should be automatically mapped to your school's DC\software$. The backup file is located within this folder. You can either navigate to it through your Z: drive or enter the first address into the address bar of your file explorer
If your Z: drive is not mapped to your school's DC\software$ you may enter the address in the second picture into your file explorer address bar, replacing "code" with your school's three character code

Click yes, backup runs, click ok

Once you have double-clicked the file or simply hit enter after entering the address the backup program should automatically run and prompt you with the first portion that asks you to simply select 'Yes' or 'No'. Select 'Yes' to run it
You will see a command prompt window appear while the program backs up your files to your H: drive at H:\Backup
Once the backup is complete, you will be prompted with an end of program window asking you to select 'Ok' to close the program

Visit H: drive to see backup folder

You can locate the Backup folder by selecting your H: drive and navigating to the Backup folder