How To Enter A Work Order In KBOX

After logging into KBOX at with your AD username and password:

Creating a new ticket within KBOX

1.) Select 'Work orders'
2.) Click on 'Tickets'
3.) Select 'Choose Action'
4.) In the drop-down hover over 'New Ticket From Queue'
5.) Click on '1. Ascension IT Work Order starting 7/31/13.....'

Entering work order specific information in new ticket

1.) Select your location
2.) Select the category of the issue you are experiencing (note: Blackboard is the website, physical boards are in the 'Device' category)
3.) Choose the subcategory of the issue you are experiencing
4.) If it is a physical device you should be able to find an asset tag which may say Ascension Parish/Public School(s) Board, General Funds, and contain a 6 digit number
a.) Laptops - back or bottom
b.) Desktops - side corner, top front, or back of physical tower
c.) iPad - back (possibly under protective cover)
d.) Boards - somewhere around the outer frame
5.) Enter the priority of this work order (for quantity of technicians to assist). Is it just your device, your classroom, or an entire wing of your school?
6.) Choose the impact of your issue. Is it just your device, your classroom, or an entire wing of your school?
7.) Enter the room number your technician is most likely able to find you or the location of the problematic device if it will not travel with you
8.) Summarize the issue you are experiencing so your technician doesn't have to view the details of every work order to know who to visit first
9.) Leave a call back number in case your technician is unable to find you or your work order is elevated to someone off-site
10.) If your know your local technician's name, enter it here so they are alerted to the new work order rather than having to wait for it to be passed to them
11.) If you are entering a work order for someone else, please leave their name here so the technician knows who to contact
12.) This field should automatically contain your name if you are logged into KBOX yourself, if not please correct this
13.) This is where you should enter the full description of the issue you are experiencing in the event that your technician requires additional details
14.) Click on 'Save' for your work order to be entered

Window with green bar confirming new ticket creation

Once you have opted to save your work order, you will be redirected back to the original ticket page. A green bar will appear along the top containing the number of the ticket you just entered. This number can be used to find the ticket in the event you need to make an edit.